PROFILE FEATURES: Global trade leaders

Looking back on their career, the Hinrich Honorary Leaders of Global Trade share their most valued experiences to inspire the new generation of leaders. This was a project for the Hinrich Foundation, an international non-profit organization that promotes sustainable global trade.

Dolmen Editing

Dolmen in Portugal by Lorie Halliday

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This is about Vipassana Meditation published on the Destination Deluxe. Vipassana, which means insight or “to see things as they really are”, is a form of meditation, through which you observe your breath coming in and out of the nostrils. From there, you begin to scan the whole body from head to toe, and back.


This is a news feature published on The Diplomat. Seven months pregnant, Widad Batabor was bleeding profusely when she left Marawi City on her 28th birthday. It was May 23, the day President Rodrigo Duterte declared martial law in Mindanao, after the Islamic State-inspired Maute group took over sections of the city on the same… Continue reading THE MOTHERS WHO FLED MARAWI


This is a feature story published by Sabaidee magazine about the tradition of Lao people to launch improvised rockets to ask the heavens for rains to water their crops. Every year in Laos, people gather to ask the sky for rains in a truly special and colorful way. They send makeshift rockets towards the heavens… Continue reading TIME TO SEND THE ROCKETS


This is a feature story published by Mabuhay about keeping the traditional handwoven baskets in Camiguin Island. A group of forward thinkers in Camiguin, Philippines is intent on preserving the cultural heritage of the island for future generations.


This is a feature story published by Mabuhay about female skimboarders in Dahican, where new sea turtles are hatched along the shore every year. “Mati City’s skimboarding team is more than just a collection of athletes. By spearheading conservation efforts and organizing annual tournaments, the group is responsible for much of the tourists now flocking… Continue reading AGAINST THE TIDE


The stilt houses in Tai O, locally called Pang O, have existed since 200 years ago to respond to the practical need of fishing people to have a land-based residence. They are designed to protect them from high tides, but the impacts of climate change pose coastal flood risk .

This is a photo essay about Tai O, a fishing village in Hong Kong. It’s a project in a multimedia journalism course for my master’s degree.


This is about my night safari experience along a river in Laos and the story of our boat guides who used to hunt wildlife for a living. It’s published on Vientiane Times, Mindanews and the Wildlife Conservation Society. Manoeuvring a long-tail boat with a bamboo stick, a Khmu boatman, Khounthone, pointed his headlight left and… Continue reading HUNTING WITHOUT A CATCH


These are the stories I co-wrote with a friend and fellow journalist about our trip from the south to the north of Vietnam. Saigon: The city has two faces The towering buildings, bars, tour agencies, and hostels lined up like sentries can give visitors the impression that Ho Chi Minh (formerly known as Saigon), is… Continue reading TRAVEL STORIES