These are the stories I co-wrote with a friend and fellow journalist about our trip from the south to the north of Vietnam.

Saigon: The city has two faces

The towering buildings, bars, tour agencies, and hostels lined up like sentries can give visitors the impression that Ho Chi Minh (formerly known as Saigon), is a place ahead of every other city in Vietnam. Read more


As Vietnam train leaves, life moves in a fleeting space

No one heard the typical train whistle sound as the Reunification Express train at Saigon station prepared to take off. Read more

Hue: A city of “perfume and purple”

Our journey to Hue from nearby city Danang in Central Vietnam had us go through a mandatory discomfort in a small, cramped bus (and being puked on by a seat mate) before finding peace in another old city that lives in the present. Read more

Hoi An: Old but alive

The road to Hoi An, a small city in Central Vietnam, was literally long and winding. Read more


Vietnam and Laos are neighbors, but strangers

The transition from one city to another is ridiculously abrupt, like a smash cut in a horror film. One second you’re screaming, the next you’re yawning. Read more

By Lorie Halliday

Lorie Halliday is a freelance writer and editor who lives in Portugal. She has worked over a decade as a professional journalist, exploring Asia and writing extensively about the people and places. Her fascination with ancient buildings and prehistoric monuments, as well as linguistics and philosophy, inspires her to travel. Lorie grew up by the beach. She enjoys surfing and all the little islands and wildlife, especially the turtles.

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