Dreaming for others

Barricades built by protesters at Connaught Road (PHOTO BY Lorie Ann Cascaro)

A Filipino domestic worker in Hong Kong once dreamed to improve her family’s house. After over two decades of working and getting involved in political activities, she dreamed something greater than for herself.

Filipino migrants welcome Ip’s apology, call for better treatment

A woman shares a live report about the protest with a portable radio (PHOTO BY Lorie Ann Cascaro)

Filipino migrant workers accepted the apology of Hong Kong’s legislative council member, Regina Ip, for her controversial comments on Filipino domestic workers. They also wanted improvements in their conditions and better treatment of all migrant workers here.

Hong Kong domestic workers want to junk ‘excessive’ fees

This article is first published by The Diplomat. By Lorie Ann Cascaro HONG KONG — Feliza Guy Benitez, 58, first came to Hong Kong in 1993 as a domestic worker. She was to be paid a monthly salary at 3,200 Hong Kong dollars ($413). She thought a contract of two years would be enough to… Continue reading Hong Kong domestic workers want to junk ‘excessive’ fees